If you are experiencing any of the following issues, I can help:
Are you pregnant - whether it is a planned pregnancy or an unplanned pregnancy - and need to talk to someone?
Do you need support with your parenting?
Are you anxious because you are about to become a mother or a father for the first time?
Have you experienced a traumatic birth?

Is parenting your child/children feeling overwhelming at times?

Have you suffered a bereavement?

Helen Bourne is a family support practitioner who provides a safe, professional, confidential and non-judgmental space for women, men and couples to discuss their challenges from pregnancy and through to the teenage years.

Helen is a professionally qualified teacher, midwife and experienced counsellor.

Helen Bourne, Providing parents with support, Teignbridge & South Devon, England. Tel: 07974 216871 email: helen.bourne52@btinternet.com

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