I have always believed in the crucial importance of our early years.
This time makes a difference to our relationships and learning for the rest of our lives.
At the centre is parenting.
I have become increasingly passionate about parents and the amazing work that we all do.
Parenting is not valued as it should be in our society and there is never enough support.
I want to offer and share the extensive knowledge I have gained over many years.

Qualifications and experience

• Qualified teacher specialising in the early years
• Qualified midwife with eight years experience
• Qualified infant massage instructor
• Seven years with Children's Centres in Devon as a family support practitioner where I:
- Trained breast feeding peer supporters
- Set up and ran antenatal classes
- Worked One to One with families
- Worked alongside health visitors, GPs, social workers
• Co-founder and facilitator of support group for families who experienced the loss of a baby www.littlefootprints.org.uk
• Thirty years of counselling with parents and their children
• I am a mother of four daughters and now a grandmother

Helen Bourne, Providing parents with support, Teignbridge & South Devon, England. Tel: 07974 216871 email:helen.bourne52@btinternet.com