Becci... Helen has been the most wonderful support to me in my journey as a mother, which began with the pregnancy and subsequent death of my first child. As a midwife she was caring, compassionate, clear and helpful.
As a support after my baby died she was invaluable to my partner and I, especially in my stressful subsequent pregnancies and was there to support the births of all my babies.
I have often wondered how we could ever have done it without her. As a friend to our family, she has offered a listening ear or helpful advice, as our babies have grown into children and young people, helping reflect on and resolve whatever we were struggling with or bring another perspective to our fears and worries to help us grow through them.
She also brings such positive feedback to our successes and shares her perceptions of the best bits of our children and ourselves, giving us confidence and strength. She has such a love and interest in babies and children and in the relationships they have with the adults in their lives.
As an accomplished enabler in our support group for bereaved parents who have suffered the death of a baby, Helen held a safe space, encouraging the sharing of all kinds of feelings and sensitively steering the groups through often raw emotions and the intense sadness of grief, as well as carefully creating time and a place for each person in the room within the group dynamics.
Not always an easy task in the midst of such feelings. We were always extremely grateful for her empathy and for her calm presence. Helen is a caring, wise and wonderful woman. I feel honoured that she has shared my journey through birth, motherhood and through grief.

Gemma ... We decided to ask Helen to be our doula for my birth as I really wanted it to be as natural as possible so felt some support during my wavering moments would be helpful, but also to support my husband Tom.
I cannot say strongly enough how invaluable it was having Helen with us from the start. She is the most calming person I know and having someone like this with me was so reassuring when I was feeling overwhelmed by the labour.
Helen helped me with different positions and gave us the confidence to stay at home when the hospital were pushing to induce me. The result was I had the natural water birth I had wanted and now have a beautiful baby daughter, and I am absolutely certain I would not have managed this without Helen at our side.
Helen also supported me after the birth when I was having difficulties with breast feeding, and again her wonderful calm, caring and attentive personality really helped get me through my low patches .

Charlotta... I had problems with my daughter L's sleep. She has not slept well for a year since her birth. In Sure Start magazine I saw a piece on sleep specialists. I saw hope at the end of a dark tunnel of sleep deprivation.
I contacted Helen and was soothed by her within minutes. She was so warm, supportive, kind, knowledgeable and reassuring. Immediately I felt like it was ok, yes it was hard but there was expertise that could help.
I had previously sought help with a different agency and felt belittled. So the fact that I was made to feel that it was ok to be struggling so much was priceless. Helen never made me feel that I took up her time even though I knew she was extremely busy. The advice Helen has given me has been really useful.
It has been so hard trying to sleep train L and I feel I would not have had the inner resources , resilience and confidence, without Helen's help, in the dark hours of the night where I wanted to just give up on the strategy and continue with old unhelpful sleep routines. Helen's reassuring voice would be in my head.
Helen has never made me feel like a burden however many times I contacted her.
I feel very lucky.

Helen Bourne, Providing parents with support, Teignbridge & South Devon, England. Tel: 07974 216871